Take a look at successfully implemented projects with us!

Be it as an operator, project manager or system supplier - Daniel Moser has a hand in everything.

Daniel Moser creates places to linger.



Take a look at successfully implemented projects with us!

Be it as an operator, project manager or system supplier - Daniel Moser has a hand in everything.

Daniel Moser creates places to linger.






The conception and implementation of gastronomy concepts is one of Daniel Moser's core competencies. Together with our partners, we take the time for advice and brainstorming.

The development of a suitable concept is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of a company. The creation of a unique selling proposition, the differentiation, is just as important as the integration of coffee expertise.

We are available as a partner who is used to breaking new ground successfully. We know that whether concepts work or not is no coincidence. With our experience, we can identify concept risks together and reduce them in advance. Of course, we also support you with the training of your staff and here too we draw on our knowledge that we have taken with us from decades of gastronomic experience.


Inspired by cafés in Paris, the two café bistros with French flair were set up in the center of Vienna. In the center of the guest room is the so-called "common table" with many seats - ideal for social solitude or making contacts, depending on your wishes. A concept that inspires the Viennese as well as international guests and has been extremely popular for years.


A quick espresso for on the go and still with the highest quality are not a contradiction in terms. Whether at the airport or in a shopping arcade, “The Daily Roast” and “The Roast” and the “Bagatellini”/Budapest are examples of how pleasure and speed can come together.

Efficient coffee grinders and coffee machines, optimized processes and appropriately prepared and trained staff are the answer to the needs there.


Historical ground: This is exactly where the first Viennese coffee room was located, founded in 1685 by the Armenian Johann Diodato. Roman Schärf personally researched the history of this establishment and in the early 1980s reopened Vienna's first café, which had been closed for over 300 years. Documents came to light that gave the history of the Viennese coffee house a new truth. Not only the unmistakable caricatures by Bernd Püribauer give the "Moser" its unique flair.


Chattanooga, Wien Graben
Cup of Soul, Linz
Daniel Moser, Wien
Kaffeegenießerei, Nordeney
Le Bol, Wien
Le Clou, Wien
Liblingsplaz, Schengen
Nottebrock, Bad Honnef
Sassari, Wels
Sobieski 1683, Wien


You could say that this is where the Daniel Moser brand learned to walk. Designed as a show roastery from the start, a bagel bakery was added a little later. In 2000, a concept was created here for the first time, combining the traditional Viennese coffee house, the Italian coffee bar, the coffee shop world created in America with the production facilities of a small roasting plant and the first Viennese bagel bakery. The suitability of our concepts has been impressively proven here, vis-à-vis a university.


Adelmann, Nalbach Kriemelmann, Bielefeld
Allwörden, Hamburg Kruse, Barnstedt
Alois Hofer, St. Margarethen Künkel, Langgöns
an der Raab Küpfer, Waldshut
Angstenberger, Aalen L‘Amour du Pain, Wien
Baumgärtel, Lindendorf László Pékség, Budapest
Beckmann, Uslar Mandl, Passau
Behrens, Aschersleben Meier, Reichersbeuern
Berger, Reutlingen Müller Egerer, Rastede
Birkelbach, Erndtebrück Müller Rico Wagner, Plauen
Brüne-Meyer, Brinkum Müseler‘s Brotladen, Potsdam
Bumüller, Hechingen Oberngruber, Rohrbach-Berg
Bürenkemper, Bielefeld Pfeiffer, Steinkirchen
Burger, Aschaffenburg Plum, Übach-Palenberg
Der Kaiser, Bad Sauerbrunn Preissing, Neuwied
Diekhaus, Goldenstedt Rieger, Innernzell
Diepenbrock, Everswinkel Ritz, Wien
Dördelmann, Werl Scheuler, Löchgau
Duesmann, Gronau Schmid Kuhn, Schwäbisch
Eichler, Linz Gmünd
Endres, Ettleben Schmitz Nittenwilm, Köln
Enser, Ried Schnierle, Regen
Feiler, Coburg Schöllkopf, Waiblingen
Forstner, Stadl-Paura Schumann, Edertal
Franzes, Meschede Siemer, Bremen
Geelink, Vreden Siemon, Wanfried
Große-Rechtien, Bad Iburg Spring, Zusmarshausen
Hanisch, Wunstorf Steinbrink, Wuppertal
Hildebrand, Barterode Stöcher, Bad Zell
Hirschmann-Thaler, Torteneck, Olbernhau
Gänserndorf Villa Bagatelle, Budapest
Jägers, Heiden Vollkornbäckerei,
Kalik, Bad Ditzenbach Buttstädt
Käpernick, Annaburg Vollstädt, Hamburg
Keppler, Eppingen Weindl, Krumbach
Kloiber, Petershausen Zeh, Kressbronn
Knappe, Emstek u.v.m…


A Daniel Moser performance is not always as expected. But actually that's exactly how we want to be: Inspired by an idea, implemented professionally and courageously, which ultimately culminates in stylish coffee enjoyment.


Adverserve, Wien
RA Dr. Ainedter, Wien
RA Mag. Allinger, Wiener Neustadt
Architekt Artmüller, Wien
Brenztal Apotheke, Sontheim
Content Garden, Wien
Dipl. Ing. Dinhobl, Wiener Neustadt
Gurktaler, Wien
Habasit, Wiener Neudorf
Franz Hasil, Wien
Dr. Hauer, Mattersburg
Hergovits & Pinkl, Wiener Neudorf
Ing. Himsl, Lichtenwörth
Architekt Holzer, Wien
INEO Steuerberatung, Wien
Dr. Klein, Wiener Neustadt
Linauer, Lichtenwörth
RA Mag. Löschnig-Tratner, Wiener Neustadt
Dr. Oedendorfer, Kottingbrunn
Dr. Paul, Ternitz
Permoser, Bad Sauerbrunn
Dr. Pink, Wien
Porsche, Weissach
Ing. Schärf, Bad Fischau-Brunn
Brillen Schermann, Wiener Neustadt
Schlumberger Wein und Sektkellerei, Wien
RA Dr. Schober, Wiener Neustadt
SOT Süd-Ost Treuhand, Wien
Dr. Stiglbauer, Wiener Neustadt
Taurus Immobilien, Wien
TSG Steuerberatung, Wiener Neustadt
Verein Lichtblick, Wiener Neustadt
Werbeagentur Narosy, Wiener Neustadt
Wn.Kul.Tour.,Wiener Neustadt


Brasserie Chaussee, Seeheim Rosenbohm, Oldenburg
Edelweiss, Großarl Schloss Lebenberg, Kitzbühel
Mountain Resort Feuerberg, Kröger by Underdog Hotels,
Bodensdorf Hamburg
Pakat, Wien The Garden Hotel, Budapest
Appartementhaus Reincke, Villa Salve, Binz
Norderney Wessinger, Neu-Isenburg


Bagatellini, Budapest SOM Kitchen, Wien
C&C Bistro, Recke Steinberger, Neunkirchen
Görge, Braunschweig THE ROAST, Wien


Halbwax, Lichtenwörth Landgasthaus Grenzlos,
Cafe WeWe, Bad Vilbel Kollerschlag
Das Alexander, Perchtoldsdorf Overlander, Feistritz
Figlmüller, Wien Salzamt, Wien
Hartvik, Riga Denn‘s, Wr. Neustadt
Gasthaus am See, Hainspitz Denkbar, Stuttgart
Gasthaus Schmutzer, Colibri, Wr. Neustadt
Winzendorf Eissalon Krauss, Oldenburg
Golfclub Tuttendörfl, Meierei im Prater, Wien
Langenzersdorf Restaurant Kahlenberg, Wien
Krummsdorf, Pritzwalk Wildpark Reuss, Ernstbrunn


In top gastronomy as in high-class country inns, in shopping centers as in hotels - a Daniel Moser coffee is both a seal of quality and a promise.

In any ambience, whether as a delicious cup, a mug on the road or as the crowning glory of a successful meal - the coffee must smell, taste and offer nothing other than maximum enjoyment and thus be remembered.

The cultivated never regrets an indulgence. The uncultivated does not know at all what pleasure is.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


Auto Show Mercedes
daily roast, Flughafen Wien
Ferrari Gohm, Vösendorf
Figls, Wien
Hungry guy, Wien
Joma, Wien
Liquid Market Festival, Wien
Loosbar, Wien
Lugeck, Wien
Pane con carne, Basel
Wyhnalek, Wr. Neudorf